Digimon Survive Has Released Screenshots And New Details About

Bandai Namco recently released new screenshots for their upcoming title Digimon Survive on the Japanese site PlayGame. These were then shared on Twitter and posted by the Digimon community. Screenshots always have a way of stimulating the imagination of fans and enabling them to create enthusiasm for the possibilities of an expected title.

Digimon has had a long time with varied screenplays, from light comedy to pretty serious stuff. Many fans remember the movie Digimon, where the corrupt Digimon said to the cast of “Go Back”, while standing in a very scary fog. Digimon Survive Has Released Screenshots And New Details About The Upcoming Digimon Game Set To Release Sometime In 2020 Digimon Survive would have a darker scenario and would be aimed at a more mature audience than some of their other games.

Some new Digimons were presented, notably Agumon, Fangmon, Metal Greymon and Betamon. Some humans have been shown in the screenshots, but it is currently unclear whether they are DigiDestined or just less important characters with whom you can interact.

In a recent Bandai Namco developer diary, the team that worked on Digimon Survive gave the game new details to complete the screenshots. They discussed the future of the franchise as well as past and present Digimon titles. They also explained how previous payments will affect the next 2020 version.