Katy Perry Reveals That Orlando Bloom Loves Lego

Katy Perry admitted this week that Orlando Bloom is basically a child still in his heart. Friday, Page Six resumed an interview with the artist, in which Perry explained that his 43-year-old fiancé loves Lego more than anything.

During her conversation with the hosts of This Morning Mashup on SiriusXM, the 35-year-old singer-songwriter admitted that they actually had a “lego room” in their house. It was originally a TV room, but now it is dedicated solely to the Orlando lego collection.Katy Perry Reveals That Orlando Bloom Loves Lego

According to Perry, Orlando likes making model cars and other things out of Lego, and after he finishes them, he puts them on the wall. The singer-songwriter says that Orlando likes to drink whiskey and build lego cars at night, sometimes even getting up very late.

During the same interview, Katy addressed the photo of the ultrasound in which it seemed that Katy’s baby was giving middle finger. Katy joked that if the baby gave the peace sign, it should have Orlando’s genes, but if it’s the middle finger, it’s his genes.

Regarding the quarantine measures that have wreaked havoc on Americans across the country, Katy said it was also a struggle for them. The artist says that the forties really tested Orlando. Katy joked that she had said to Orlando that it would be a test to see if they could really manage themselves.