Tactical Operations Brings A New Patch

It’s a slow week, might as well discuss updates to our favorite title with Tactical Operations, by developer TacByte. Aside from the harsh criticism, the release notes open with the developer informing everyone that they are not a Counter-Strike clone. As I sit in the terrorist hotspot with my Desert Eagle and AWP in the fifth round, wondering who takes the bomb to bomb A or B, the statement sounds a little hollow. Aside from the humor, there is also a bit of hidden promise in this game that just won’t let go, even when the whole game seems to want to leave me with its excruciating shopping system and wobbly user interface. If not, what would be the point of exploring these release notes.

The patch notes also mention that the user interface was not focused on, and this continues to show. When the main system your players will be working on is fundamentally flawed, you might assume it would take a little more precedent to just act as expected. Tactical Operations Brings A New Patch To Steam Following Their Early Access Release Two main changes that have occurred in this patch are that you can now interrupt your reloads at the cost of a clip (apparently you drop it in the air), and there is a movement penalty for certain weapons and armor.

Running with your knife is like playing 101, no matter which game you play. You can only dive so many hours into Counter-Strike without certain mechanisms being anchored in your brain. It is not necessary for tactical operations, but it is always visible everywhere. Anyway, the developers said that this nerve movement and magazine interrupting with altering the current TTK (the time to kill, the time you can spend receiving fire before you die) in the game.

More and more servers are also being launched, with the Chicago and Singapore regions benefiting from the ping treatment that currently afflicts the game. These servers are not yet launched, but should be active roughly within the next month.