Tara Reid May Get Role In New Tiger King Movie

According to several reports, Sharknado actress Tara Reid may get a picture of the next movie about the famous Tiger King. Page Six reported earlier today that the actress is currently in talks to get a role in the new movie based on Joe Exotic, which became incredibly popular after the Netflix documentary series aired.

During a conversation with the New York Post, Reid director Philippe Ashfield said that they are currently discussing his potential involvement in the film. He added: “that’s all I can say at the moment because the casting is pending.”Tara Reid May Get Role In New Tiger King Movie

However, Ashfield added that Tara is a big fan of Tiger King and found the documentary incredibly interesting. Additionally, Ashfield said that Tara thinks she could easily represent Carole Baskin and even look the same.

Right now, Tiger King is receiving the same treatment from a number of studios, including a production starring Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic. Either way, Reid fans can rejoice that she has seen a career resurgence in recent years.